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KUBE TECHNOLOGIES is an information services company that specializes primarily in new technologies for information. We strive to develop durable solutions that not only meet your goals but also promote real technological advancement in your sphere of activity.

The range of experiences and specialized training of our team and consultants constitutes our most valuable asset. Their full mastery of English and French is also a definite plus. The quality and multisectoral nature of our team allows us to quickly understand our potential and prospective clients’ business sector and therefore anticipate there IT needs.

As subsidiary of PANGO TECH, a U.S. based company in Washington, DC, we draw our values and know-how from our parent company, which is a leader in technological advances and constantly follows technological innovations in the first economic and innovative power in the world.


We are a team of experts divided between the United States and Central Africa. Our areas of expertise are varied in order to develop customized solutions in order to address our clients particular technological needs.


Performance: Quality requires effort and our team is fully committed to helping you achieve the goals set by your decision-making bodies;

Innovation: This is the drive behind our constant search for solutions to your problems, be it operational, functional, or organizational;

Experience: Our own team and our consultants have more than 10 years of experience and this is an added value in the search for solutions to your IT problems;

Trust: We believe in collaboration, and we will develop each project with you so as to provide transparent and quality services.

Support: Aware that the development of a project requires monitoring, we have set up a support center that will assist you with the implementation and use of your selected IT solution. We are also at your side during the important post-implementation phase.


In a changing Africa, we dream of supporting it in addressing its development challenges through the introduction of new technologies that are innovative in quality and effective in producing results.

To this end, we rely on experienced professionals, from different technology domains to offer our customers the ultimate best from their fields.

Because we do not forget where we come from, we prioritize the relationship with the client, which is why we strive to ensure the success of your project, in order to continue to rely on your trust because as the saying goes "Do not push by foot the canoe that you deposited you on the bank."